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“Swine Smart Production Analysis” software extracts key production information from your swine record programs and creates concise production reports based using the NPPC Production and Financial Standards in all reports. The information is presented in an easy-to-read graphical format using “Statistical Process Control” (SPC) charting .

Current list of reports generated by Swine Smart are:

SMS Farm Benchmarking: The SMS Farm Benchmarking program is the most innovative benchmarking program in the world. It combines farm benchmarking and parity benchmarking into one concise 8 page report. By adding Parity Benchmarking we have doubled the amount of information covered in each report. The SMS Executive Summary contains the SMS Production Index, a one of a kind farm ranking system for evaluating the Potential for Improvement for each farm in the database based on 11 production numbers. The SMS database contains over 700 farms and 1.4 million females. SMS Farm Benchmarking uses 42 graphs covering 6 of the 8 pages.

SMS Report Example

SMS System Benchmarking: The SMS System Benchmarking summarizes all the farms owned by a producer or it can summarize farms that have other similarities, such as genetics, feed, location, style of production, etc. The SMS System Benchmarking uses farm benchmarking and parity benchmarking. SMS System Benchmarking uses 61 graphs on 9 pages to make it easier to see the systems' performance.

SMS Benchmarking Example

SMS Farm Analysis Program: The SMS Farm Analysis Program takes an in-depth look at a farms and generates 16 reports. We currently have more than 130 farms and 250,000 females using the SMS Farm Analysis Program. One of the key reports in this program is the Farm Analysis, it is unique in the swine industry in that we write a 6 page report with recommendations on how to reach your farm's potential.

Farm Analysis
Matings & Services Report
Summary Report Performance Projection Report
Production Charts Inventory Structure
Weekly Performance Summary Parity Performance
Quarterly Performance Summary Piglet Death Loss Report
Weekly Breeding Performance Breeding Week Analysis
Quarterly Breeding Performance Seasonal Report
Breeding Group Breakdown Targets Report
Example Analysis Chart
SMS Control Charts: Is an active database which is updated weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly, we store two years of data for use in the charts. You determine the time frame you want to look at, minimum of 16 weeks, over the last two years by entering in an ending date. The SMS Control Charts are like a graphical performance monitor utilizing the statistical process control principles.

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