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Swine Smart Farm Benchmarking: SMS is a leader in the swine industry in farm benchmarking. The newest for 2013 contains whole farm benchmarking and parity benchmarking. This is a growing database of over 800 farms and more than 1,400,000 sows. This allows SMS to create reports showing farms where they rank in specific production areas. These reports highlight areas of good production and areas that need improving. The SMS Executive Summary is a very concise report showing the farms potential for improvement and the SMS Production Index combines 11 production numbers into one farm index number showing the potential for improvement. Farm Benchmarking is a eight page report.

Swine Smart Production Analysis: Our exclusive software extracts key production information from 20+ different swine record programs and creates concise production reports based on SMS’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). NPPC Production and Financial Standards are used to standardize all reports. SMS was an early adopter of “Continuous Quality Improvement” (CQI) and one of the first companies to introduce “Statistical Process Control” (SPC) charts to the swine industry. SMS reports are presented in an easy-to-read graphical format and posted on a secure web site at www.swinems.com. SMS has developed many specialized reports to allow more in-depth analysis in several areas of the farm. Reports look at evaluating individual breeders by farrowing rate and total born by time of day mated; by wean to service interval; by day of week; and many other areas to find breeding problems and track results after changes to procedures are made. Web Analysis involves a 6 page Farm Analysis report that can be written for a farm monthly or quarterly. This allow for a flow of information between the farm and SMS by e-mail or phone.

Swine Smart Financial Analysis is a growing area of SMS that offers analysis of financial records, including budgeting, cost to against other producers.  SMS uses NPPC Production and Financials Standards reports to standardize the reports.

SMS Training offers seminars in the classroom or on the farm.  SMS provides training on record analysis, maximizing sow production, and increasing piglet survival. Also for the nursery, finisher, and wean-to-finish management, SMS also has Employee Handbooks, and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) manuals that outline the best management practices which are customized for each farm. 

SMS Consulting offers production and financial analysis via phone or on farm. Farm consulting can evaluate the facilities, genetics, management flow, and condition of the breeding herd. Recommendations are always provided.

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